The Final of the equestrian show-jumping competition “Flying Horse Cup”

27 october 2013

The Final of the equestrian show-jumping competition called «Flying Horse Cup» was held on the territory of «Antonov-Agro» horse riding club, in Kruglik village nearby Kiev on October, 27.

85 equestrian pares took part in 6 rounds in different classes: 85 cm, 100 cm, 115 cm, 125 cm and 145 cm.

In round № 7, «Open Class» where the height was 125 cm, the winner was Voschakin Volodymir riding Luisa PKZ, representing Stud farm of Alexandria city. The second place went to Yarova Darina and Braiton, the representatives of «Imperial Horse Club». Toktarenko Anatoliy and Alfares, the representatives of «Flying Horse Club» took the third place.

In round № 8, «National Riders», where the height was 135 cm, Voshakin Volodymir became the winner, riding Luisa PKZ, representing the Stud farm of Alexandria. The second place went to Rudiy Andriy and Ballybo H, the representatives of «Brech» club, and the third place went to Zaitsev Vasyl’ riding Leon, representing «Shostka» riding club.

In round № 9, «Grand Prix», where the hight was 145 cm, the first place went to Zaitsev Vasyl’, he rode Kolt and represented «Shostka» riding club. The second place went to Klimuyk Igor and Baturin, the representatives of «Butenko Stable», Perelygin Oleg and Eney, representing «Egor» farm, took the third place.

In round № 10, with the hight 85 cm, was 3 grours: «Open Class», «Children» and «Amateurs». In the «Open Class» category participated only 2 people. As a result, the first place went to the representative of «Egor» farm, Perelygin Oleg and Monarch, the second place went to Dryziv Igor and Businka, representing Kiev. In the category of «Amateurs», the first place went to Pogorelova Olena and Samba, representing «Faraon» riding club, the representatives of the same riding club, Yakimenko Lora and Golfstream took the second place and a representative of «Imperial Horse Club» Volkova Anastasia, riding Topaz, became third. In the «Children» category, the winner was a representative of Kiev, Lishina Radion riding Zahvat. The second place went to Kapishyns’ka Darya and Happy, representing «Patriot» riding club of Zaporizhzhya, and the representative of «Royal Horse Club», Gurtovyi Leonid riding Zefir, became third.

In round № 11 with the hight 100 cm, there also were three groups: «Open Class», «Children» and «Amateurs». In the «Open Class» category the first place went to Rudiy Andriy riding Vivien, representing «Brech» riding club, the representative of «Sport-Elite» riding club, Melnichenko Nadiia and Rich Rach took the second place, and Kulchitsky Vadim and Bial, representing «Bratslav» riding club, took the third place. In the «Amateurs» category, Savko Oleksiy and Lafrenia, representing Kiev, became the winners. The second place went to Kurganova Tetiana and Dolgozhdannui, representatives of «Faraon» riding club, and the third place went to the representatives of «Sport-Elite» riding club — Andrusik Tetiana and Frankfurt. In the «Chilrden» category, Sokil Sofia and Big Fire, representatives of «Flying Horse Club» became the winners. The second place went to the representatives of Kiev, Lishina Radion and Zahvat, and the third place went to Kapishyns’ka Dariia and Heppy, representing «Patriot» riding club of Zaporizhzhya.

In round № 12, with the height 115 cm, there were two groups — «Open Class» and «Amateurs». In the «Open Class» category the first place went to Toktarenko Anatoliy and Jeremy Winser, representing «Bolivar’ riding club, the second place went to the representatives of Dr. Levitsky’s stable, Slobodeniuk Eduerd and Vrangel, and he became also third riding Oscar. In the category of «Amateurs» the winner was Gyrtoviy Boris and Femida, representing «Royal Horse Club», the second place went to Andrusik Tetiana and Frankfurt, representing «Sport-Elite» riding club, and the third place went to the representatives of «Royal Horse Club», Gorbunova Kseniya and Opponent.

Photos by Liliya Nedolya

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