Rome Furusiyya FEI 5* Nations Cup

22 may 2014
Rome Furusiyya FEI 5* Nations Cup

The five-star tournament in Rome took place as the third qualifier to Nations Cup Finals which will take place in Barcelona. The competition was dedicated to 'D’Inzeo Brothers who passed away last year so now the tournament will be called "D'Inzeo Brothers Masters. The 8 competing teams of European League I were Italy, Quatar, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, France and Ukraine. The points which they have earned will become big profit for them at the Finals.
Last year's winners team Ukraine had high hopes for success. Team was represented by Cassio Rivetti and famous Vivant, Ulrich Kirchhoff and Light On Old, Ferenc Szentirmai and Chadino and Katharina Offel riding Charlie. At the first round none of the team members could make a clear round, therefore a 0 from Katharina Offel and Ferenc Szentirmai in the second round became a strong contribution to the team's result — rank 5. They could move France to rank 6, whose chances for success disappeared in round 1, not counting Penelope Leprevost result of double clear rounds riding her Flora de Mariposa. They were followed in the rank list by Quatar and Italy.
Any course built by italian course designer Ullano Vezzani, deserves respect, and by the rider's faces after walking the course it was easy to quess what surprises were expected from it. Vezzani has a unique ability to build a simple course, but at the same time it would mark out the best who can make it clear. He offered the riders to fly upon wide oxers, saving control and balance at the verticals. The size of the arena gave the oportunity to pay attemtion to every jump and turn. At the end of the course the ranking became:1 — Belgium (8 pp)2 — Holland (9 pp)3 — Germany (12 pp)4 — Great Britain (20 pp)5 — Ukraine (23 pp)6 — France (25 pp)7 — Quatar (26 pp)8 — Italy (36 pp)
Belgium became winner, but in the ratings of Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup Jumping 2014 France still takes the leading position of European League I — 245 points. Winning the third qualifier gave Belgium the second place with 165 points. Switzerland has little distance from rank 2 — 150 points and. 4 — Spain (112.50 points)5 — Holland (90 points)6 — Germany (80 points)7 — Ireland (75 points)8 — Great Britain (70 points)9 — Ukraine (60 points)10 — Sweden (50 points)

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