St. Gallen CSIO 5* 29/05-01/06

29 may 2014
St. Gallen CSIO 5* 29/05-01/06

The fourth qualifier of CSIO 5* Nations Cup took place on the 30th of May in St. Galen, Switzerland. It may be considered the half-way of 8 tournaments leading to the Finals in Spain, Barcelona — October 2014. In the battle for leadership of European league I Spain, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Ukraine and the winner of the previous qualifier — Belgium — were trying their best to score points.
Team Ukraine jumped this course with participants as: Katharina Offel and Charlie, Cassio Rivetti and Vivant, Oleg Krasyuk and K Club Lady and Ferenc Szentirmai with Chadino. In other courses of the competiton we could see Ulrich Kirchhoff. Cassio Rivetti had 5 pp in the first round, but made the second one clear. Katharina Offel had both rounds clesr, but 1 time pennalty in the first round. Ferenc Szentirmai had 1 pp for time in the first round, but scored 9 in the second one. Oleg Krasuyk had 8 pp in the first round and 9 in the second, so his result was the one uncounted. As the result, Ukraine ranked 5th of 8.

The winners of the fourth qualifier — team Great Britain — moved to victory with a differernce of 1 pp, leaving Spain at the second place. It seemed that team Switzerland had the scope for success at home surroundings, but somehow in the result of the course they finished fourth, leaving the third place for team Sweden. The winners of the previous qualifier — Team Belgium — also lost the grip and took the sixth position. Then France took the seventh place, still leaving the leadership of the points in the Longines ranking. The Netherlands, who were second in Rome, ranked 8th. The swiss course-designer Gerard Lachat brought a very difficult course to the riders. After three riders finished the course, the time limit was raised from 78 sec to 80 sec. In round 1, only 4 partners could do the clear round. And during the two rounds — only two could make a double clear course. A triple compination with huge oxer at the enter, in one canter a verticle, and then in two short ones — one more oxer was a difficulty for many riders. A big water obstacle had 4.10 m. In the turns, it was hard to reach the time and many riders had to risk it all and jump with diagonals.
The ranking of the 4th qualifier:

1 — Great Britain

2 — Spain

3 — Sweden

4 — Switzerland

5 — Ukraine

6 — Belgium

7 — France

8 — The Netherlands

Official results FEI Nations Cup St.Gallen CSIO5*

Longines current rating:

1 — France (245 points)

2 — Switzerland (220 points)

3 — Belgium (220 points)

4 — Spain (202,50 points)

5 — Sweden (130 points)

6 — Ukraine (120 points)

7 — The Netherlands (90 points)

8 — Germany (80 points)

9 -Ireland (75 points)

10 — Great Britain (70 points)


The next qualifier will be held June, 20th in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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