Championship of Ukraine in Showjumping – children, juniors and young riders

05 june 2014

From June, 5th to June, 8th at the Parade Allure of Zhashkiv, the Championship of Ukraine among children, juniors and young rider was held. Not concidering the bad weather and hail, and the possibility of cancelling of the championship, the competition was successfully held.

In courses for children, the winner was Ershova Anastasia riding Stakkatus, representing Odessa region. She had a clear course during three days. Elizaveta Nazarova, representing the same region, took the second place riding Etosha, also having a clear course. The bronze medal went to Sokol Sofia and Enei, representing Kiev region, she had 4 p.p. during the three days. The category «children» jumped courses with the height of 110, 115-120 and 120 cm.

In team championship the winner was Odessa region, the second place went to Kiev region and the third olace went to Zaporizhya region.

In courses for juniors, the winner was Boyarko Konstantin riding Vodan, Vinnitsa region. In the summ of three days he had 16 p.p. The second place went to a representative of Kiev region Krivkina Oksana, riding Karat. Her result was also 16 p.p. Masyuka Juliana rode Rekord PKZ also representing Kiev. Her result was 20 p.p. Juniors jumped the heights as 115-120, 125-130 and 130 cm.

In courses for young riders, the winner was Slobodeniuk Eduard riding Tarhun, Cherkassy region. In the sum of three days he had 16 p.p. The silver medal went to Polischuk Artem, representing Cherkassy region. He rode Cupidon and earned 16 p.p. The third place went to Mansur Nikita riding Chikida. In the sum od three days, he earned 20 p.p.

In team championship, the winner was Kiev region, the second place went to Cherkassy region and the third place went to Sumy region.

Young riders jumped courses as 130, 130-135 and 140 cm.

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