Shanghai CSI5* - star course of Casio Rivetti and Cartoon 2

06 june 2014

The fourth leg of Longines Global Champions Tour took place in Shanghai, China.

June, 6th. In a course with jump-off with the height of 150 cm, 28 riders took part — representatives of various countries of the world. Casio Rivetti rode Chataga and was rewarded with a bronze medal.


June, 7th. Casio Rivetti was given a smile by good luck — he became winner of a course with the height of 145-150 cm riding Cartoon 2 competing among 20 other riders.


This day, riding Chataga, he ranked 24th of 31, having done the first round of LGCT Grand Prix with the height of 160 cm having 8 p.p.

June, 8th. Casio Rivetti rode Cartoon 2 at the speed course with the height of 145/150 cm with jump-off. Their result was rank 21 of 23, having 3 fences down. In a course with the height of 150/155 cm Cassio rode Chataga and ranked 16/26 with 4 p.p.

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