Cannes 2014 CSI5*

12 june 2014
Cannes 2014 CSI5*

12-14 june was the fifth leg of Longines Global Champions Tour 2014. The tournament is regular, and every summer over 15000 visitors come to see the action in live — in the heart of the French Riviera. These competition has the participation of the most famous riders of the world.

June, 12th. In the two phases course with the height of 145 cm, 53 athletes participated. Oleksandr Onishschenko ranked 43 riding Fine Fleur du Marais, with the result of 8 penalty points in the second phase. Cassio rivetti ranked 44th right after, riding Gabbiano — also with 8 p.p. in the second phase. Katharina Offel ranked 46th — she got 10 p.p. in the second phase riding Charlie.

In a course with the height of 150 cm — 53 athletes participated. Rank 15 went to Katharina Offel riding B Once Z — their result was 4 p.p. Cassio Rivetti rode La Cross and ranked 22nd also having 4 p.p. at the course. Oleksandr Onischshenko rode Canevaro — their result was 10 p.p., rank 37.

June 13th. In a speed course with the height of 150 cm rank 10 of 46 went to Cassio Rivetti riding Gabbiano. They had a clear round. Katharina Offel ranked 18th riding B Once Z with 4 p.p. at the course.

June 14th. The Grand Prix of the competition in two rounds with jump-off 160 m. Katharina Offel rode Charlie, having 4 p.p. in the second round, therefore didn’t ride at the jump-offm ranked 13. Cassio Rivetti rode La Cross in the first round with 8 p.p. First 5 riders of this course had all rounds clear. The winner was Scott Brash riding his famous Hello Sanctos, the second place went to Luciana Diniz riding Fit for Fun 13, Kevin Staut ranked 3d riding Silvana HDC.

In the course with the height of 150 cm Cassio Rivetti Gabbiano, ranked 8 with a clear round.

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