Fifth leg Nation’s Cup

09 july 2014
Fifth leg Nation’s Cup
Falsterbo Horse Show presented by Longines — CSIO 5* Falsterbo, div. 1

In Swedish Falersbo since July, 9 till 13 «Falsterbo Horse Show presented by Longines — CSIO 5*» took place. Team Ukraine was one of the participants.

July, 10th

In «Stiftelsen Falsterbo Horse Show Prize» with the height of 145 cm rank 17 went to Katharina Offel riding Luigi 206, clear round. Cassio Rivetti rode Sea Coast Forlap Dc and earned 1 p.p. — rank 22. Oleg Krasyuk had 2 p.p. with Quinan 2 and took place 30. Katharina Offel rode her second horse Charlie to rank 41 and earned 3 p.p. Oleksandr Onishsxhenko rode Fine Fleur du Marais, his result was 5 p.p. and rank 54, and with Carlina — rank 56 and also 5 p.p. Ferenc Szentirmai ranked 66 riding Vegas de Sainte Hermelle with 9 p.p.

In «Vellinge Kommun Prize» with the height of 150 cm Cassio Rivetti roge Gabbiano 11 and ranked 11 with a clear round. Katharina Offel had a clear round with Quebracho Semilly and ranked 14. Oleksandr Onishschenko also had a clear round with Valentino Velvet and ranked 32. Oleg Krasyuk rode K Club Lady with 4 p.p. and ranked 40. Ferenc Szentirmai rode Quickdiamond with 4 p.p. and had a rank of 48.

July, 11th

In «Stiftelsen Falsterbo Horse Show Prize» with the height of 145 cm Cassio Rivetti ranked 9 with Sea Coast Forlap Dc, with 1 p.p. at the course. Oleksandr Onishschenko ranked 15 with Fine Fleur du Marais, having 4 p.p. Katharina Offel rode Luigi 206 with 4 p.p. to the rank 17.

In «Agria Trophy» with the height of 145 cm Ferenc Szentirmai rode Vegas de Sainte Hermelle, had 4 p.p. and ranked 22.

In a course of Longines Nations Cup 1st devision with the height of 160 cm, team Ukraine ranked 8th. Inside the team, the leadership wnt to Cassio Rivetti with Vivant — 4 p.p. in the first round, clear round in the second. Katharina Offel rode Charlie with the result of 0 p.p. in the first round and 8 in the second. Oleg Krasyuk rode Quinlan 2 and earned 4 p.p. in the first round, 13 in the second. Oleksandr Onishschenko had 12 p.p. riding Carlina in the first round and 12 in the second.

July, 12th

In «Kopparbergs Trophy» with the height of 150 cm Ferenc Szentirmai ranked 14th riding Quinland, 0 p.p. Cassio Rivetti ranked 17 with Sea Coast Forlap Dc, also with a clear round. Oleksandr Onishschenko rode Fine Fleur du Marais and had 2 p.p. — rank 22. Rank 23 went to Ferenc Szentirmai with Chadino, also 2 p.p. Katharina Offel rode Luigi 206 and had 5 p.p. — rank 32. With the same p.p., Oleksandr Onishschenko rode Valentino Velvet to rank 37. Rank 41 went to Oleg Krasyuk with K Club Lady — 6 p.p. He also rode Cassidy 35 with 8 p.p. — rank 50.

In «Giantprint Falersbo Derby» with the height of 150 cm Ferenc Szentirmai rode Vegas de Sainte Hermelle and ranked 23 with 19 p.p.

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