CSI Twente Geesteren, Holland

04 july 2014

Since 4th till 7th July in Geesteren, Holland CSI2-3* competitions were held. Team Ukraine took part in it.

July, 5th

In «V2 Prize» with the height of 140 cm, rank 26 went to Oleg Krasyuk rode Nobylis with 0 p.p. at the course. Casio Rivetti rode Chataga to rank 61, having one fence down.

In «Schmidt Prize» with the height of 145 cm rank 18 went to Oleg Krasyuk rode Cassidy-35 with 0 p.p. at the course. Cassio Rivetti rode Vivant and earned 1 p.p. for exceeding the time limit — rank 28. Ullrich Kirchhoff ranked 41 riding Quabri de I Isle with 4 p.p. at the course. Ferenc Szentirmai rode Corenso to the rank 44 — 4 p.p. Sana Olsson rode Canevaro to rank 65 with 16 p.p. at the course.

In «Berkelland Prize» with the height of 130/135 cm, Ferenc Szentirmai rode Baccardi 188 and ranked 26 with 2 p.p. for time exceeding. Ullrich Lirchhoff rode Suspens Floreval with 2 p.p. and ranked 31.

In «Fabo Prize» with the height of 150 cm, Casio Rivetti ranked 2 with Constara with a clear round. Rank 9 went to Oleg Krasyuk riding SIEC Ledgepoint, also clea round. Ferenc Szentirmai rode Crocant 3 and also had a clear round and ranked 11. Oleksandr Onishschenko rode Sandro Boy and ranked 81 with 27 p.p. at the course.

July, 6th

In «CSI Twente Prize» with the height of 135 cm Ullrich Kirchhoff rode Suspens Floreval and ranked 10 with a clear round. Ferenc Szentirmai rode Bacardi 188 with 4 p.p. and ranked 18.

In «Enrichment Technology Prize» with the height of 145 cm Casio Rivetti rode Chataga and ranked 16th with 0 p.p. Ullrich Kirchhoff also had a clear round riding Quabri de I Isle — rank 19. Oleksandr Onishschenko riding Wisconsin 111 had 4 p.p. at the course and ranked 26. Oleg Krasyuk rode Cassidy 35 and had 4 p.p. at the course — rank 50.

In «Roelofs Den Ham Prize» with the height of 150 cm, rank 47 went to Oleg Krasyuk and Nobylis, 5 p.p. Casio Rivetti ranked 48 riding Vivant, also having 5 p.p. at the course. Ferenc Szentirmai rode Corenso had 8 p.p. and rankd 59. Oleksandr Onishschenko rode Sandro Boy with 16 p.p. and ranked 76.

In «Jan Hofschroer Prize» with the height of 140 cm Oleksandr Onishschenko rode Canevaro and ranked 10, with a clear round. Casio Rivetti had 3 p.p. with Constara and ranked 16.

July, 7th

In «TBT Prize» with the height of 140/145 cm with joker, Ullrich Kirchhoff rode Quabri de I Isle, having 65 points and ranked 13. Oleksand Onishschenko rode Canevaro and ranked 20 with the result of 63 points. He ranked 21 with Wisconsin 11 — 62 points. Casio Rivetti rode Chataga with 25 points and ranked 61.

In «De Telegraf Prize» with the height of 130-135 cm rank 8 went to Ferenc Szentirmai riding Bacardi 188 having a clear round. Ullrich Kirchhoff ranked 19 with Suspens Floreval, also having a clear round. In «Grolsch trophy Grand Prix of Twente» with the height of 160 cm, Ferenc Szentirmai ranked 18 with Coreno with 4 p.p. at the course. Oleg Krasyuk had 8 p.p. and ranked 29 with SIEC Ledgepoint. Cassio Rivetti had 13 p.p. at the course with Constara and ranked 40.

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