Perfomance by Marina and Svetlana Vinichenko in Ebreichsdorf, Austria

29 september 2014

From 27-28.09 in Ebrichsdorf, Austria a competition of CSN-C, CSNP-C took place in the borders of dressage and showjumping. More than 700 riders took part in it. Representatives of PKZ Stud farm, Ukraine — Marina and Svitlana Vinnichenko also took part in this event.

27.09 in a course with the height of 130 cm Marina Vinnichenko took part riding Galiano PKZ and took the 2nd place. With Gomeri Della Caccia she took the 3d place with no penalty points. Svitlana Vinnichenko rode Flirt and ranked 6th with 4 p.p., with Carlushka she took 15th place with 8 p.p. the course had 19 riders participating.

In a course with the height of 125 cm Svitlana Vinnichenko won silver riding Cap pas Cap PKZ, no p.p. With Carlushka she scored 12th with 4 p.p. Marina Vinnichenko ranked 4th with Gomeri Della Caccia, 6th with Gilion PKZ and 11th with Harly PKZ. The course had 42 riders.

In a course with the height of 115 cm there were 35 participants. Marina Vinnichenko ranked 2nd with Harly PKZ with a clear round. With Gilion PKZ she won bronze with 0 p.p. Svitlana Vinnichenko rode lovely Orsza S with 4 p.p. and ranked 18th, with Cadet PKZ Svitlana ranked 29th having also 4 p.p.

28.09 In a course with the height of 130 cm Marina Vinnichenko was the bronze medalist with Galiano PKZ, 0 p.p. Svitlana Vinnichenko ranked 4th with Flirt also having a clear round. With Carlushka she ranked 29th with 8 p.p. the course had 39 participants.

In a course with the height of 125 cm Marina Vinnichenko rode Harly PKZ to the gold medal. They had a blast of almost 3 seconds. With Gilion PKZ Marina ranked 14th with 4 p.p. Svitlana Vinnichenko rode Cap pas Cap PKZ and ranked 12th with 4 p.p. there were 36 participants in this course.

In a course with the height of 120 cm thee were 30 participants. Svitlana Vinnichenko got the silver medal with a horse named Cadet PKZ having 0 p.p. With Lovely Orsza S Svitlana ranked 7th with 4 p.p.

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