Ukrainian Dressage Championshp for Children, Juniors and Young Riders

05 april 2015

6 regions of Uraine were presented in MAGNAT Equestrian Club during Ukrainian Dressage Championshp for Children, Juniors and Young Riders from 3 till 5 April 2015. Young representatives of Cherkasy, Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiv, Sumy and Kyiv regions and the city of Kyiv competed in the individual and team competitions of the event.

The most successfull among children individuals were Yulia Krivoruchko with Garem from Zhashkiv EC, trainer Evgenia Kuznetsova. Second place gone to Anastasia Pavelko with Sweet Melody from Dnipropetrovsk, trainer Olga Chuchkova. Third — Evgenia Kotelevtseva with Enrico from Sumy, trainer Denis Kosik. Team competition won by Dnipropetrovsk, secong were the team from Sumy, third place gone to Kyiv region.

Junior’s individual Champion‘s title won by Agnessa Chagarovska with Indigo from the city of Kyiv, trainer Vilina Bel’kovich. Second were Iryna Zavertana with Akrobat from Zhashkiv, trainer Evgenia Kuznetsova. Kateryna Volokh with Korshun from Kyiv region finished third, trainer Oleh Kovshov. Team competitions finished as follows: first place gone to the Kyiv region 1 team, second Kyiv region 2 team, third city of Kyiv, fourth Dnopropetrovsk and fifth Mykolaiv.

The Young riders podium were completed by Dnipropetrovsk. Individual Champion’s title won by Anastasia Kravchenko with Paul Hen, trainer Ganna Kravchenko. Elisaveta Bisiukova with Vatikan, trainer Vira Maksimenko, finished second and Valeria Safronkova with Volverine were third. Champions team title gone to Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiv team was second and the city of Kyiv third.

All winners were aworder with prizes by EFU Dressage Department — saddle pads. EFU President Yuri Chertkov aworder all winners with the saddles Prestige Roma Dressage.

According to the Championships results six riders were choosen by the Dressage department for the further qualification to the European Championship. Agnessa Chagarovska, Iryna Zavertana, Kateryna Volokh, Veronika Lyiv, Yuliana Masoka and Iryna Konstantinova got a chance to represent our country in a such an important event. Next week four of them are going to go to the international competitions in Minsk.

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